How I’m thinking about GPT-N

There has been a lot of hand-wringing about accelerating AI progress within the AI safety community since OpenAI's publication of their GPT-3 and Scaling Laws papers. OpenAI's clear explication of scaling provides a justification for researchers to invest more in compute and provides a clear path forward for improving AI capabilities. Many in the AI safety community have rightly worried that this will lead to an arms race dynamic and faster timelines to AGI. At the same time there's also an argument that the resources being directed towards scaling transformers may have counter-factually been put towards other approaches (like reverse engineering the neocortex) that are more likely to lead to existentially dangerous AI. My own personal credence on transformers slowing the time to AGI is low, maybe 20%, but I think it's important to weigh in. There is also a growing concern within the AI safety community that simply scaling up GPT-3 by adding more data, weights, and training compute could lead to something existentially dangerous once a few other relatively simple components are added. I have not seen the idea that scaling transformers will lead to existentially dangerous AI (after combining with a few other simple bits) defended in detail anywhere but it seems very much an idea “in the water” based on the few discussions with AI safety researchers I have been privy too. It has been alluded to various places online also: * Connor Leahy has said that a sufficiently large transformer model could serve as a powerful world model for an otherwise dumb and simple reinforcement learning agent, allowing it to rapidly learn how to do dangerous things in the world. For the record, I think this general argument is a super important point and something we should worry about, even though in this post I'll mainly be presenting reasons for skepticism. * Gwern is perhaps the most well-known promoter of scaling being something we should worry about. He says ”


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