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Mad King capitulates to gas cartel

Well, holy cow. Some of what I’ve been writing has been polemical pressure. I didn’t really think it would come to this: As a result of the heads of agreement, Resources Minister Madeleine King also said the Albanese government will not need to pull the trigger on the Australian domestic gas supply mechanism as a… Cartel de metal – No290 My My Neighbor Totoro

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With drug cartel violence, is it safe to travel to

Karol Suárez  |  Louisville Courier JournalMEXICO CITY – After years of hunkering down because of COVID-19, U.S. travelers are heading out, and Mexico is again one of their favorite destinations.More than 21 million international tourists traveled to Mexico between January and July this year. Of those, nearly 8 million were from the U.S., government data…