Cloning Surface Go image for deployment

I'm not a trained sysadmin, more of a guy who got roped into doing some IT stuff.

So I have 15 Surface Go with Windows 10 with S mode. I need to make all of them have Windows 10 Home(via the free switch using Microsoft Store) with the same set of software. I figured the easiest way to do this is to clone a “master” Surface Go and clone them to the other 14 machines using Clonezilla.

I am wondering if the master Surface Go's license key will get cloned to the other machines or if their key is already burnt into bios and I don't have to worry about them. Or do I have to find the keys for each machine and “re-key” them after cloning?

As of now, I don't have a budget to get VLs or Enterprise licensing but if that is the only way to do it properly I'll have to do some convincing to my bosses…

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