Congress meeting & COVID outlook

Now we have got this meeting out of the way it's clear to see that there will be no relaxing of COVID restrictions or border controls. For most of us that was what we had come to expect.

What are peoples thoughts on the timeline now? Personally I feel it's quite evident that the COVID restrictions are a part of a larger policy shift in China. A shit towards nationalism, self sufficiency and ever more scepticism of private and foreign investment.

There seems to be zero urgency for open borders, in my opinion there maybe some relaxation mid way through the next 5 year term when Xi has cemented power firmly and maybe there is some political gain to be had from opening up and letting Chinese people travel, but more likely it will be in another 5 years time after this term. Even then I don't think it will go back to the days of being truly open with qurantine free travel.

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