help with access control to air gapped domain

Fellow Sysadmins,

I am hoping that the collective minds here on Reddit can help me out.

I am the administrator of an air gapped network inside of our Enterprise-Wide Network

In order to access it the users must be on the EWN.

The network has its own domain which does not trust the EWN.

There is no smtp traffic allowed out.

The only way the end users can get it is to have an account on in my domain, as well as on the Enterprise domain. They can access 1 server over RDP.

Now my problem is this, the accounts are set to expire every 30 days for security purposes. BUT there is no way the user can log in via RDP if their account is expired, to reset the account.

I am looking for a method for the users can manage their own accounts, so they don’t have to call me to reset their passwords. Are any of you in the same situation, and how do you resolve it?

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