Microsoft Teams Issues w/ RDS and FSLogix

Hi all,

Having some issues getting Microsoft Teams installed successfully on any of the three RDS Session Host servers, which is causing problems as we cannot use the Create Teams Meeting Add-in alongside Outlook.

A bit of background on this – We run a Server 2016 RDS setup with a separate gateway/rdWeb and Broker/Licensing server. We also utilise a file server and FSLogix is running and configured for all users. We also have Microsoft 365 E5 licensing so we can (in theory) deploy Teams and Office for each user on our RDS setup.

Users were finding that the Teams Add-in would periodically stop appearing or show as greyed out so we reached out to M365 support who advised us to uninstall Teams and Office fully using SaRA and redeploy using the Office Deployment Tool. We're able to get Office to install with no issues at all, but are unable to get Teams to deploy using this method, despite this being Microsoft's recommendation.

Has anyone else been able to deploy Teams in a similar setup or have any tips on how we can progress this? Microsoft are pretty much washing their hands of this now so we're at a bit of a dead end.

Any help and advice is much appreciated.

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