Musk’s Starlink Internet soon in moving vehicles CanIndia News

Musk’s Starlink Internet soon in moving vehicles CanIndia News

Elon Musk-owned SpaceX has announced that its satellite Internet service Starlink will be available for recreational vehicles (RVs) in December.

Starlink for Rvs allow users to get immediate access to high-speed, low-latency Internet while in motion, at any location where the company provides active coverage.

The flat high performance service can connect to more satellites because of its broad field of view and improved GPS capabilities, providing reliable connectivity wherever it is needed.

The hardware of the setup is durable in tough situations and is made for permanent installation on the car.

Users can easily pack it up when they want to move to their next destination, the company said.

With the flexibility to stop and resume service at any time and monthly billing, the Internet service for RVs enables users to customise their service according to their own travel requirements.

The new flat high performance service for in-motion use is available for ordering in a few markets, but the deliveries will start in December 2022.

Recently, the company had announced that its satellite Internet service will soon be available on select airplanes with the official launch of Starlink Aviation next year.

According to a report, the company claimed that the service will offer Internet speeds of up to 350mbps to each plane equipped with its Aero Terminal, which it says is fast enough for video calls, online gaming, “and other high data rate activities”.




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