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I hope this helps give some perspective and I will make some points here and I further encourage you to live in the new china for at least a 1 or 2 to better under stand the changes my family has experienced.

  1. Systematic indoctrination has started a few years ago, far more than other cultures, yes not only at a young age that china is the greatest and you must be ready to die for china but you are in fact superior and thats why its your duty to your nation and your country most importantly to the CCP which is the “only” hope for china and no matter the cost they must follow every command.

  2. Othering all foreigners yea even other ethnic Chinese that are not Han Chinese and a lot of instances only recently of foreigners being denied hotels, restaurant service and in addition you cant use public transport and some public services without a Chinese citizen ID (you can only get being born in china if your foreign you must get approval and this is rare). A rise in hostility to foreigners after a major increase in nationalism and anti foreigner sentiment from state media and legislation that aims to distract all domestic issues and blame this on foreigners especially the 0 covid policy to move blame CCP. This is extremely concerning to a large amount of citizens and my family who had to leave however not everyone of them could get out because they have control over this and travel bans to keep a strong population. And you cant have dissenting opinion so they are stuck being unable to speak out against this racism.

  3. Say what you will about the Uyghur situation because in truth we dont know much but they are quite open about at least re educating them to become han Chinese and banning inter marriage / culture and banning of any religious freedom that isn’t Chinese in nature so over time they will only become han Chinese and indoctrinating them into CCP ideology

  4. Complete suppression of the ability to uprise not only though the most rigorous surveillance and controlled / propagandised (unparalleled) society but over decades of crushing dissent in massacres arrests without trial (99% conviction rate with death penalty, more political executions a year than every ither nation combined and thats only Whats disclosed) but this has subconsciously trickled down and resulted in the population to be too conditioned not to intervene in crimes assaults theft’s abduction and even accidents. But also an extensive spy network to ensure order (only against those conspiring descent against the party not to make the country safer). One of the most common crimes convicted is Spreading rumours and miss truths which boils down to any topic the CCP doesn’t like.

  5. Not only is the CCP a one party authoritarian system where no average citizens can participate in the direction of government however now with Xi eliminating the opposition within CCP (CCP was stable for many years because there were factions inside that everyone voted for making it more akin to a democratic or at least a system that ensure power checking).

  6. High focus on military and expansionism of which they have burned bridges with ASEAN over in complete disregard for previous treaties and sovereignty (see public concerns from Vietnam, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and Taiwan (Not a province never was under CCP it was agreed a two governance system to make up a whole china collectively but not just a province)

  7. Social hierarchy structure, this has been similar to other points however such a large part to the society it needs its own section. From the social credit system that not only ranks you and this will directly effect your access to healthcare, ability to enrol yourself and your kids in school, to rent cars and even to find a home to rent. If you dip below B you receive reeducation and C will ensure you are put on a list and receive increased inspections from the government to check what your doing and how to “be a better citizen”. Further falling to D will put you on a blacklist posted publicly for 5 years with officials visiting you often and can revoke your PHD’s and loosing jobs happens often with. This is not a sliding system which means you can be brought from AAA to D after one action at the parties discretion. Speaking out against the government is not a D offence as-well for that you will most likely be arrest or worst case disappeared so D can be smaller things.

Occult situations has been previously mentioned and for this working in the government to expose those with “anti party sentiment” you receive significant point bonuses.

We are so incredibly upset at the direction things have moved and further upset at the lack of knowledge of this in the west however that has been carefully crafted by the CCP who in no way represents the beautiful Chinese people. Those who have fallen prey to the propaganda and are high level netizens do so become that is simply the system that has been in place for decades however it has regressed significantly since 2014.

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