Tehran Sanctions MEPs for Supporting Iran Protests and Resistance Movement

European Policymakers Have Willfully Embraced Increased Danger of Iranian AttackEuropean Policymakers Have Willfully Embraced Increased Danger of Iranian AttackEuropean Parliament

In a ridiculous gesture, Iran’s crisis-riddled regime sanctioned several Members of the European Parliament, two parliamentary groups, and other renowned European politicians for supporting the Iranian people and their organized Resistance movement.

In its statement, the regime’s foreign ministry blatantly accused European dignitaries of supporting “riots” and reminded European countries that supporting these individuals is a “violation of the European Union’s international obligations.”

Meanwhile, one of the regime’s diplomat-terrorists, Assadollah Assadi, is incarcerated in Belgium for his attempt to bomb the Iranian opposition’s gathering in 2018 in France.

Facing a volatile society and being desperate to quell anti-regime protests, Iran’s ruling theocracy-imposed sanctions on those who stand with the people of Iran and reject the regime’s rampant domestic violence and export of terrorism. This pathetic move to “freeze all assets” of some officials who have no belonging in Iran is only meant to boost the morale of the regime’s demoralized forces amid the mullahs’ international isolation.  While highlighting the emptiness of this gesture and considering it a failed political prank, several MEPs called being blacklisted by Tehran a “badge of honor.”

“Iran’s decision to sanction Members of the European Parliament for speaking out against human rights abuses is absurd. No threats will stop us from standing up for freedom, dignity and equality. I know MEPs will wear this as a badge of honor. We will not be silenced,” Ms. Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, wrote in this regard on Twitter.

MEP Milan Zver from Slovenia, a longtime supporter of the Iranian people and the Iranian Resistance, also called out the regime’s ridiculous gesture, underling that while the regime is trying to convince MEPs to stop supporting the Iranian people, this designation would have the opposite effect and encourage European lawmakers to support Iranian people as they have done.

Mr. Jan Zahradil, another good friend of the Iranian people, also expressed his utter support of the nationwide Iran uprising and said, “I will go to Iran once the regime of the Ayatollahs falls.”

Nationwide Iran protests have entered their second month. Now many observers believe these protests have morphed into a revolution as Iranians continue their uprising despite the regime’s attempts to quash it.

Since the beginning of the nationwide uprising, the clerical regime has inflicted violence on people, killing and injuring unarmed protesters. The regime’s violence met international condemnation and raised global outrage, as many countries and their lawmakers have applauded the Iranian people’s bravery.

Tehran’s pathetic movement has no effects. But the regime’s blatant sanctioning of European lawmakers is a reminder of how decades of inaction by the European governments have emboldened the regime to take such an action.

The world community should not limit its actions to condemnations and statements. The European countries should cut all ties with Iran’s ruling theocracy, and the international community should recognize the Iranian people’s right to self-defense and Resistance. This is the only effective answer to Tehran’s threats.


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